Oosterhout’s Reptile House

Sander and I are suckers for touristy things. List includes famous eateries, museums, zoos, aquariums and reptile houses. We were in Oosterhout for a vacation last year and since the weekend had been pretty rainy, we decided to visit the Reptielenhuis de Aarde (Reptile House Earth). The layout was spacious and quite toasty compared to the… Continue reading Oosterhout’s Reptile House


6 reasons to visit The Netherlands

There are a few choice places that tourists like to visit upon arriving in Amsterdam, but I encourage you to wander out of the big city and see what it's like on the other side. See if you only ever visit the big cities, it's impossible to truly experience everything a location has to offer.… Continue reading 6 reasons to visit The Netherlands


A tour of the Queen Mary

I love historical locations, especially when there are stories of hauntings. Not that I believe in ghosts, but it's the mystery that entices me. I've been reading the book Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places, which tackles the idea of paranormal activity with historical research. In the introduction to part two of this book, After… Continue reading A tour of the Queen Mary

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Langevelderslag strand, The Netherlands

When summer comes to mind, what else follows? Beautifully tall cups of iced tea, sitting outside with ice cream while enjoying a cool breeze in the shade, and of course, the beach. So when Sander's sister asked if we wanted to join her and her friend for a walk on the beach with all of… Continue reading Langevelderslag strand, The Netherlands