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Why everyone should blog

This topic has been covered a thousand times by a thousand writers but there are so many who still don't have the courage to speak. I have a few friends with blogs as well, and it stems from a great passion to share experiences. What one writer has to say can end up being different… Continue reading Why everyone should blog

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Managing stress by going outside

Stress is a major problem for many people, especially in today's fast paced world. We all want instant results and for those who answer to a higher voice, the pressure is really on. When I worked as a graphic designer in America, although I dealt with daily stress, I was able to let it go… Continue reading Managing stress by going outside


Pros and Cons of dating internationally

We all seem to romanticize the idea of dating someone from a different country. The idea of having a friendship (or intimate relationship) with someone from a land foreign to us is the stuff of fairy tales. Well not exactly but it brings a whole new thrill to life. There's a sense of pride and… Continue reading Pros and Cons of dating internationally


How to be a tourist in your city

I know that it's difficult for some to get out and experience something new, especially if one has lived in a location all their life. Fortunately for me, I'm still pretty new to this city. Sander, however, has lived here for around six years and is still discovering new perks about this town. So how… Continue reading How to be a tourist in your city

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Living Minimally

When I arrived at Schipol, I had two suitcases and a backpack. Everything in my bags had been carefully thought about, packed and repacked nearly four times in the hopes I had only brought what I needed. Let's rewind a little though, to give some perspective. Retail therapy was a great friend of mine. I… Continue reading Living Minimally


The downsides of living far from home

Now that I have at least a month of living in Holland under my belt, I feel like I can talk about the low points I’ve experienced. The home sickness is real I would often wake up in the middle of the night and expect to see my dogs Oliver and Bijou at the foot… Continue reading The downsides of living far from home


5 tips for surviving a move

"You totally have a European vibe about you." I had the rare chance to meet Wendy before I left for the Netherlands and I'm so glad I was able to find the time to have a cup of coffee with her. She had moved around a year ago to live in Seattle. "The hardest thing… Continue reading 5 tips for surviving a move