6 reasons to visit The Netherlands

There are a few choice places that tourists like to visit upon arriving in Amsterdam, but I encourage you to wander out of the big city and see what it's like on the other side. See if you only ever visit the big cities, it's impossible to truly experience everything a location has to offer.… Continue reading 6 reasons to visit The Netherlands


The Keukenhof’s last day

The last day of the season, is what I mean. We've been so busy that we couldn't attend until the very last day of the season. Disappointing, I know, since we missed out on lots of beautiful blooms, but there was still so much to see that we felt like we didn't miss much! And… Continue reading The Keukenhof’s last day


Irwindale’s Renaissance Faire

"It's Americans pretending to be old Europeans." I'm still laughing about how accurate that is. Sander had never been to anything like a Renaissance Faire. I had grown up attending, not every year but I was very familiar with what went down and how intense the whole Faire can be. Being in California, we're all aware… Continue reading Irwindale’s Renaissance Faire


Ice Skating in Haarlem

We've been meaning to go ice skating as soon as the winter season hit but it's been a bit difficult. For the first time in our lives, both as singles and a couple, Sander and I have had a social life. We've been busy nearly every weekend with either date plans or family plans. This… Continue reading Ice Skating in Haarlem


Sailing across the Ijsselmeer

Early in October, we were invited out to take a day trip to Stavoren, a small coastal city which houses a population around 1,000 people. Our hosts were Sander's aunt and uncle and method of travel was by sail boat. Sander's uncle Renè owns a sailboat, complete with full mast and motor. The cabin can… Continue reading Sailing across the Ijsselmeer


Off to the races

Sander's been a big fan of the Formula 1 racing. In fact racing seems to be a popular topic in his circles. His boss and various members of his team at work enjoy watching their man, Max Verstappen, traverse the racing circuits of the world. Sander's office even sponsors their own driver in the 2016 Autowasbon Mazda MaX5 races.… Continue reading Off to the races


Where fairy tales come to life

An enchanted place, older than Disneyland, filled with unforgettable stories from our childhoods. The Efteling fits that like a glove. Originally the park was opened in 1952 and only included a walk through a fairy-tale forest, but as popularity grew, the theme park flourished. Much of the park is dedicated to the original idea begin the… Continue reading Where fairy tales come to life