A tour of my work space

I spent a lot of time at home and half of it is working at my desk. If I'm not editing photos, or writing blog posts, I'm working on other writing projects. I also set aside some time to learn new techniques to help better my work and output. I often lose track of time… Continue reading A tour of my work space


A year in North Holland

Today is my 1 year anniversary since coming to live in The Netherlands! What have I accomplished? I became a Dutch resident! While I have not learned the language yet, my permanent addresses is North Holland based! This happened back in November of last year but even now it's something I like to think about.… Continue reading A year in North Holland

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Ordering from Hypnotic Polish

Now I'm not turning into a beauty blog, but this is a lifestyle blog about living in The Netherlands. When I lived in California I had a polish collection to rival nail salons. Of course, that collection is no more and it's been ages since I bought a new color. Sander's been encouraging me to… Continue reading Ordering from Hypnotic Polish

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My favorite Dutch Instagram feeds

I am spoiled. Everything I ever wanted had been at my finger tips when I lived in America. I could just go to the grocery store down the street and pick up everything I ever needed. Here in The Netherlands, if I want french toast worthy bread, I need to visit the bakery before it… Continue reading My favorite Dutch Instagram feeds


My mother’s past shaped my future

My mother was born and raised in India. At 23 she married my father and together they moved to America to follow that good old American Dream. She was shy, sheltered, unsure of herself and afraid in a world that shared nothing with the life she had previously lead. Eventually she had to grow a… Continue reading My mother’s past shaped my future


Being an introvert in an extrovert world

I was reading a blog post about being more creative with writing and was struck with inspiration. I've always chased the idea of being an author but I just never seem to be able to produce what is in demand. I'm always in favor of writing what I want to write about and this makes… Continue reading Being an introvert in an extrovert world

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This time, last year

I was catching up with a friend over the weekend and was nostalgically reminded me of where I was around this time last year. As I thought of it, I was hit with a wave of homesickness. Whenever I think of January 2016, I think of the events leading up to that month and how… Continue reading This time, last year