The Art of Banksy

I was an art student in school but our classes often focused on art history or the conceptualization of art. There was little hands on experience, even in the classes meant to create art, so there are times where I feel like my education should have gone further. Regardless, here I sit, in my new… Continue reading The Art of Banksy


The Rijksmuseum

I've lived here for a little over seven months now and we finally made the time to visit The Rijksmuseum. We got out of the house a little late and had to run a few errands first so we only had two and a half hours to enjoy our stay but it was well worth it.… Continue reading The Rijksmuseum


Franz Hals Museum

Art classes are an obvious requirement for my field of study but I’ve heard more than a handful of students complain about art history. I found art history to be fascinating because each great piece had a story intertwined with the subjects inside the frame. More often than not, paintings were made as a mischievous poke… Continue reading Franz Hals Museum