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Mouth watering ice cream at Lekkers

Lekkers is a magical and delectable storefront down in quaint Zoetermeer that features some of the best organic ice cream I've ever had. Featuring tarts, a multitude of ice cream flavors and even custom chocolates, it was featured as the best ice cream of South Holland. It's not hard to see why. The ice cream bar is… Continue reading Mouth watering ice cream at Lekkers

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An introduction to Dutch Gourmet

The Dutch are very family orientated. Any excuse for a get together is a good one. American family reunions center often around a backyard BBQ or a potluck of variety. The Dutch have their own definition of the typical family reunion meal: Gourmetten. What exactly is a gourmetten? In simple terms, it's a long hotplate… Continue reading An introduction to Dutch Gourmet

Food, Food in North Holland

Dinner at Le Paddock

This year was our first Valentine's day together but Sander and I are pretty anti-social people. We knew that even though the holiday isn't very big in the Netherlands (and by big, I mean you won't see those cute cards that children pass out to classmates sold in the stores here). I believe that here,… Continue reading Dinner at Le Paddock

Food, Food in North Holland

Dutch Chinese food

Yes, I know, the title is a bit strange. It's interesting enough to say that each country has their own version of foods from different cultures, but Dutch Chinese food?  Now that is something to talk about. As an American, I'm used to the typical Orange Chicken and Kung Pow Chicken on top of fried… Continue reading Dutch Chinese food

Food, Food in North Holland

Proef Park and tasty treats

A delicious treat we were able to experience took place in Haarlem on the 28th of August. Proef Park had their Tasty Late Summer which showcases a variety of unique and savory food trucks. Of course we had to sample bits and pieces of a few select vendors because why try out only one type of… Continue reading Proef Park and tasty treats