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Happy birthday Booker

This post is a day late because we wanted to celebrate Booker's first birthday! She was born September 15, 2016. We brought her home in mid November and we haven't looked back since. I made her a cake with this recipe and it came out pretty well. I should have trimmed more of the cake to… Continue reading Happy birthday Booker

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Langevelderslag strand, The Netherlands

When summer comes to mind, what else follows? Beautifully tall cups of iced tea, sitting outside with ice cream while enjoying a cool breeze in the shade, and of course, the beach. So when Sander's sister asked if we wanted to join her and her friend for a walk on the beach with all of… Continue reading Langevelderslag strand, The Netherlands


Owning a Shiba Inu, updates on Booker

Booker is nearly seven months old now and is still quite a handful. We knew that choosing a Shiba Inu for a dog would be a challenge but it was one we were prepared for. I've grown up around dogs and don't consider my house a home without one. Sander's family brought Snowy into their… Continue reading Owning a Shiba Inu, updates on Booker


Booker’s first snow

I'm not one for just dumping photos on a post but I think that this shoot carries the phrase, "A picture is worth 1000 words". This was our babe's first snow and she clearly didn't want the snow day to end. For more of Booker and her snow adventure, you can check out my latest… Continue reading Booker’s first snow


Let it snow

According to everyone, this has been the warmest winter in years so imagine my surprise to wake up and see the landscape frosted over. I had been hoping to wake up to a white Christmas but it was still too warm. Now we have had light frost on the trees and ground before but this… Continue reading Let it snow


Booker, de kleine poot

Here it is! The post you have been waiting for, we got a puppy! When I first moved here at the apartment was very peaceful. All we had was a cat and she slept 95% of the day. Most of the noise was created when Sander and I spent time together and the rest of… Continue reading Booker, de kleine poot