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My fall nail polish picks

The one thing I love about minimalism is that you purge what makes your life hectic and embrace what you enjoy. I got rid of so many things when I came to The Netherlands and that included lots of unnecessary things from unworn shoes to clothing with tags still attached. While I cannot call myself… Continue reading My fall nail polish picks

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My updated skincare routine

My skin makes me feel like I'm a teenager. Not because it's young and firm, but because I'm always breaking out. I started having acne when I was in 8th grade and it's stuck with me ever since. I hate having to say that I have adult acne, but the more I see others my… Continue reading My updated skincare routine

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Ordering from Hypnotic Polish

Now I'm not turning into a beauty blog, but this is a lifestyle blog about living in The Netherlands. When I lived in California I had a polish collection to rival nail salons. Of course, that collection is no more and it's been ages since I bought a new color. Sander's been encouraging me to… Continue reading Ordering from Hypnotic Polish

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An all natural facial

Before I left for the Netherlands, I had the honor of attending a few sessions of with Dora, an Esthetician who specializes in natural cleansing products and at the time, was opening a new space to work her magic. Now she works from home, using the same wonderful products she used the last time. It was… Continue reading An all natural facial