A small Lush haul

We went to Amsterdam recently and decided to pop into Lush for a few items. Now Lush is a an indulgence for us. We go maybe once a season to stock up on limited edition items which we now have a surplus of. It's not that we busy so much at once, it's that the… Continue reading A small Lush haul


Universe on a T-shirt

Sander and I made a trip to Amsterdam for the first time in months so we decided to spend several hours sightseeing and shopping. We took the car this time around and walked through new neighborhoods we've never seen before. Every time we venture into Amsterdam it's like a whole new experience. It's a huge… Continue reading Universe on a T-shirt

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Ordering from Hypnotic Polish

Now I'm not turning into a beauty blog, but this is a lifestyle blog about living in The Netherlands. When I lived in California I had a polish collection to rival nail salons. Of course, that collection is no more and it's been ages since I bought a new color. Sander's been encouraging me to… Continue reading Ordering from Hypnotic Polish

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Animecon at The Hague

Allow me to weave a small and uninteresting tale. My interest in Japanese animation started way back when I was a small girl. My father had brought home a copy of My Neighbor Totoro, and ever since then I have been hooked. When I was in high school, I attended a few conventions. Not many, compared… Continue reading Animecon at The Hague