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My updated skincare routine

My skin makes me feel like I'm a teenager. Not because it's young and firm, but because I'm always breaking out. I started having acne when I was in 8th grade and it's stuck with me ever since. I hate having to say that I have adult acne, but the more I see others my… Continue reading My updated skincare routine

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The perfect day

The definition of a perfect day can greatly vary between two people. What I consider to be perfect may be just another day to someone else. It could even be a boring day to a third party. Regardless, this is how I picture a perfect day. Morning On  Sundays we have pancakes. I've finally stumbled… Continue reading The perfect day


A tour of my work space

I spent a lot of time at home and half of it is working at my desk. If I'm not editing photos, or writing blog posts, I'm working on other writing projects. I also set aside some time to learn new techniques to help better my work and output. I often lose track of time… Continue reading A tour of my work space


A year in North Holland

Today is my 1 year anniversary since coming to live in The Netherlands! What have I accomplished? I became a Dutch resident! While I have not learned the language yet, my permanent addresses is North Holland based! This happened back in November of last year but even now it's something I like to think about.… Continue reading A year in North Holland