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Why everyone should blog

This topic has been covered a thousand times by a thousand writers but there are so many who still don't have the courage to speak. I have a few friends with blogs as well, and it stems from a great passion to share experiences. What one writer has to say can end up being different… Continue reading Why everyone should blog

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Managing stress by going outside

Stress is a major problem for many people, especially in today's fast paced world. We all want instant results and for those who answer to a higher voice, the pressure is really on. When I worked as a graphic designer in America, although I dealt with daily stress, I was able to let it go… Continue reading Managing stress by going outside

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Ordering from Hypnotic Polish

Now I'm not turning into a beauty blog, but this is a lifestyle blog about living in The Netherlands. When I lived in California I had a polish collection to rival nail salons. Of course, that collection is no more and it's been ages since I bought a new color. Sander's been encouraging me to… Continue reading Ordering from Hypnotic Polish

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My favorite Dutch Instagram feeds

I am spoiled. Everything I ever wanted had been at my finger tips when I lived in America. I could just go to the grocery store down the street and pick up everything I ever needed. Here in The Netherlands, if I want french toast worthy bread, I need to visit the bakery before it… Continue reading My favorite Dutch Instagram feeds

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Langevelderslag strand, The Netherlands

When summer comes to mind, what else follows? Beautifully tall cups of iced tea, sitting outside with ice cream while enjoying a cool breeze in the shade, and of course, the beach. So when Sander's sister asked if we wanted to join her and her friend for a walk on the beach with all of… Continue reading Langevelderslag strand, The Netherlands

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This time, last year

I was catching up with a friend over the weekend and was nostalgically reminded me of where I was around this time last year. As I thought of it, I was hit with a wave of homesickness. Whenever I think of January 2016, I think of the events leading up to that month and how… Continue reading This time, last year

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Christmas Market in Maastricht

We headed down south to spend the holidays with Sander's brother and like most cities in the Netherlands, there was a Christmas Market. After the family had settled into our new digs, a house built back in the 1830s, we set out for another half an hour drive (on top of the two hours it… Continue reading Christmas Market in Maastricht