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An all natural facial

Before I left for the Netherlands, I had the honor of attending a few sessions of with Dora, an Esthetician who specializes in natural cleansing products and at the time, was opening a new space to work her magic. Now she works from home, using the same wonderful products she used the last time. It was… Continue reading An all natural facial

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Back home and loving the sun

Sander and I have finally arrived back in California! We've been planning this trip for months and the time had finally arrived for us to board the plane and see my family. It's been around eight months since I was last home and so as soon as we touched down at LAX and I took… Continue reading Back home and loving the sun

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Living Minimally

When I arrived at Schipol, I had two suitcases and a backpack. Everything in my bags had been carefully thought about, packed and repacked nearly four times in the hopes I had only brought what I needed. Let's rewind a little though, to give some perspective. Retail therapy was a great friend of mine. I… Continue reading Living Minimally

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This time, last year

I was catching up with a friend over the weekend and was nostalgically reminded me of where I was around this time last year. As I thought of it, I was hit with a wave of homesickness. Whenever I think of January 2016, I think of the events leading up to that month and how… Continue reading This time, last year

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The LA Times Festival of Books

This weekend was the 20th annual LA Times Festival of Books. Having attended the past few years, there was no way I could say no to this year. The USC Campus is a beautiful place to wander around. Thank goodness we had a map otherwise we would have probably gotten lost. For the first day, Jess… Continue reading The LA Times Festival of Books