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My fall nail polish picks

The one thing I love about minimalism is that you purge what makes your life hectic and embrace what you enjoy. I got rid of so many things when I came to The Netherlands and that included lots of unnecessary things from unworn shoes to clothing with tags still attached. While I cannot call myself… Continue reading My fall nail polish picks

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Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Amstelveen

It's no big secret that Sander and I are gaming nerds. For us, a typical evening is right in front of our PCs with our favorite game on screen. Pokémon GO has been a huge part of our lives since it launched. In the summer months we went out every evening to ride our bikes… Continue reading Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Amstelveen


My Top 6 Halloween Movie picks

Movies are always subjective, especially when it comes to holiday favorites. Since there are no Halloween movie or TV show specials in The Netherlands, I decided to revisit a few titles that really bring out the spirit of Halloween for me. Here is my personal favorite list of titles to bring me into that spoopy… Continue reading My Top 6 Halloween Movie picks

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Taking a walk in the park

What is it about the changing seasons that captivates us so? There's a dip in temperature and the leaves turn warm colors.  We bundle head to toe in cozy knits and layers. There's the knowledge that the holiday season is fast approaching. Parties will soon be planned and consist of family and friends gathering together… Continue reading Taking a walk in the park

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Jars

I've been searching local stores and online party supplies for classic and tasteful Halloween decor. Let me say it's been a struggle. There's so much more to Halloween than gore and rave parties but unfortunately that's all I've been able to find where I live in North Holland. So I decided to take matters into… Continue reading The Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Jars

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October to do list

There are a lot of little things I need/want to accomplish during the month of October. It's my favorite month of the year. It's filled with autumnal scents, cozy sweaters, excuses to wear long boots and drink copious amounts of hot tea. Declutter for the season. Summer is over now and it's time to clean… Continue reading October to do list

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How I spend rainy days

Just yesterday we had warm and sunny weather but today it's been pouring on and off. Days like these make it not so fun to even just walk Booker. The sky is overcast. The ground is muddy and littered with debris of crunchy leaves that have gone soggy. Without a website like Buienradar, we would… Continue reading How I spend rainy days