A walk in Vondelpark

Vondelpark is a 120 acre garden that has been open since 1865 and welcomes almost 10 million visitors a year. It's easy to see why. It's filled with rolling green lawns and beautiful sculptures scattered throughout. Vondelpark feels like the sort of location where fantasy adventures would take place. There are trails that wander off… Continue reading A walk in Vondelpark

Food, Food in South Holland

Mouth watering ice cream at Lekkers

Lekkers is a magical and delectable storefront down in quaint Zoetermeer that features some of the best organic ice cream I've ever had. Featuring tarts, a multitude of ice cream flavors and even custom chocolates, it was featured as the best ice cream of South Holland. It's not hard to see why. The ice cream bar is… Continue reading Mouth watering ice cream at Lekkers


A tour of my work space

I spent a lot of time at home and half of it is working at my desk. If I'm not editing photos, or writing blog posts, I'm working on other writing projects. I also set aside some time to learn new techniques to help better my work and output. I often lose track of time… Continue reading A tour of my work space

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6 Books I’m dying to read

Reading is one of my favorite ways to pass time and yet my Goodreads account says otherwise. I'm way behind in my reading challenge for this year. I've been on the same books for a few months now. This doesn't stop me from dreaming of the next titles I want to read though. How to… Continue reading 6 Books I’m dying to read

Food, Food in North Holland

An introduction to Dutch Gourmet

The Dutch are very family orientated. Any excuse for a get together is a good one. American family reunions center often around a backyard BBQ or a potluck of variety. The Dutch have their own definition of the typical family reunion meal: Gourmetten. What exactly is a gourmetten? In simple terms, it's a long hotplate… Continue reading An introduction to Dutch Gourmet


Printable photos {Collection 02}

For August, I wanted to some fun summer to autumn prints that would help decorate any space. We did a lot of traveling around this past July and I got some really fantastic shots. I like to keep my photos simple and in the same color scheme but I'm always learning. I think it's easier to… Continue reading Printable photos {Collection 02}


A year in North Holland

Today is my 1 year anniversary since coming to live in The Netherlands! What have I accomplished? I became a Dutch resident! While I have not learned the language yet, my permanent addresses is North Holland based! This happened back in November of last year but even now it's something I like to think about.… Continue reading A year in North Holland